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Persona Creation Journey Mapping Mind Mapping


Brainstorming Creativity Tools Storyboarding


Wireframing Prototypes


Focus Groups Customer Surveys In-Market Testing


The opportunity needs to be explored thoroughly and understood. What exactly is the opportunity and more importantly why ! The opportunity needs to be mapped out and the area of focus clarified.


Now the fun starts as we consider WHAT IF ? Creative thinking tools are used to change perspective and look on the opportunity in a new way. Ideas are generated and innovative concepts are designed that can be brought to life in a prototype.


The beauty of DIGITAL is that it is possible to prototype to a high fidelity that can be used with a customer. Rapid prototypes are created that show how the concept meets the needs that the opportunity uncovered.


What works from the prototypes ? How does the market react ? What have we learnt ? What do the analytics say ? What insight is going to inform our next iteration ?

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