SBD Automotive

Case Study


SBD Automotive, the leading automotive technology insight business, have exciting growth plans and made a strategic decision to drive their innovation agenda. Using an innovation framework SBD Labs was set-up to generate business opportunities and create a Digital Innovation Lab environment and capability where digital products are prototyped, tested and developed.


Many concepts leveraging the SBD automotive insight and data sources were identified in both the B2B and B2C markets.  The use of storyboarding to bring to life the concept was used for each concept so that the user journey was clear and the value proposition could be validated.


High fidelity prototypes were created using the InVision digital prototyping tool. The prototypes showed the key customer interactions and the benefits so that they could be evaluated. The different mobile formats of phone and tablet were used to show the flexibility of the solution.


Trials were set-up in car dealer showrooms with the prototype to gain insight from both stakeholders and customers. The results were conclusive and resulted in a contract for product development and deployment in the US market.