Case Study


Yell, a leader in printed and digital advertising to SME's, took a strategic decision to create a Digital Lab capability. The remit was given to explore the mobile, social, local space and identify B2B and B2C business opportunities. A digital product and technology team was established by the founder of InnovImpact.


An environment was created in London, away from the Reading base were marketing, sales, product and technology collaborated on ideas. Concepts were designed and a fast business case process for exec approval created to test commercial potential as ell as technical feasibility.


Once an initial approval prototypes, were developed, sometimes actually with basic integration. These prototypes were developed into apps and platforms by the team once initial positive feedback obtained.


SME's were enlisted for trial's and marketing material produced to enable a start-up style roll out of the base MVP App and platform. Insight was based on both user and SME manager feedback.