Case Study


Wiggle, the leading UK tri-sports on-line retailer have a very successful digital business but they lacked an App. They have a loyal and active user base of cyclists, runners and swimmers who are dedicated to their sport in their leisure time. The challenge was set to devise a roadmap for a Wiggle App that would deliver innovative features and engage the active Wiggle customers.


A series of accelerated design sprints were run with the Marketing and design teams to brainstorm ideas. Visual creative stimuli was used to provoke innovative ideas which were brought to life with simple storyboarding. Personas were developed of the main user groups and the needs established. Wire framing took place to drive out a greater level of detail of the digital experience and how it would meet the needs of the personas.


Digital prototypes were created with hi fidelity branded graphic design. The integration points were identified and API's that could provide innovative data streams researched. Using InVision the prototypes were distributed to the marketing events team for trial.


Wiggle as they are a leading supplier of cycling clothes sponsor cycling events across the UK. The prototype was tested at a cycle event in the New Forrest and met with good feedback as well as identified further opportunities if integrated further to the cycling event. In addition a customer survey was run to clarify the priority of the App features.