August 27, 2019

How to design at pace ?

The Digital Design Sprint

Why go through the design, build, launch and learn cycle when you can jump straight from design to learn. Spend some time understanding the problem, sketch out possibilities and turn an idea into a concept that you can test, then create a prototype and get into market as fast as you can to learn if it is viable and most important what needs to change !

The design sprint concept was developed at GV to accelerate thinking, testing and learning for start-up's. The link has useful youtube video's explaining how this approach should be run over a week as follows :

Monday        - Map out the problem to understand where to focus

Tuesday        - Sketch out different solutions

Wednesday  - Turn ideas into a concept that can be tested

Thursday      - Create a prototype

Friday            - Test your concept in the market on real people

Accelerating the Digital Design Sprint

InnovImpact have used this approach and found that it needs to be adapted to a clients schedule. They have developed a simplified design sprint approach based on the GV model that has four waves of activity. These waves can be accelerated into two hour workshops if necessary and so can adapt to the busy schedule of stakeholders and designers.

Explore Opportunity

Design Concepts

Create Prototypes

Learn in Market

What are the benefits ?

Not only will you get feedback faster and thus you will have greater confidence in what you are building you will energise the stakeholders and designers and set the pace and mindset.

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